Messi’s penis

Greece didn’t have much of a chance against Argentina, but that didn’t stop them from reaching to for Messi’s wang. Gives the film “Get him to the Greek” a whole new meaning.

El chorizo de Lionel Messi

He better get used to all sorts of new handling now. He be captain!


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  1. wheed on


  2. wheed on

    iii jgp

  3. wheed on

    messi penis

  4. sonu on

    i like messy, he is a good player…. he is atractive personality…..
    he has big penis…. everybody like it… lucky man

  5. Emcee on

    oh my god…. Messi is everything just not handsome or sexy…. who wants to be with him? Oh tjis guy… ok.

  6. musa on

    what a gay pic. πŸ˜€ Seems like messi enjoys it πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  7. Anonymous on

    mas ke massimo

  8. Anonymous on

    what a penis messi have

  9. Anonymous on

    malparido gay messi mameme el pene hijueputa enano chupon

    • M on


  10. Ste87 on

    Mmmmmm I am in love with Leo. I’ve heard he is in a relationship with some Antonella. I sooooo envy her. It made me sad. I want him badly. Such a small bloke and yet so attractive.

  11. Anonymous on

    que rico bulto el d emessi uhmmmmm

  12. Anonymous on

    oh my god lun

  13. Anonymous on

    au raaaaaaaaa(s)
    she vos e bioutizufov

  14. Anonymous on

    messi is good play futbol ouuuuuuu:d

  15. Karl on

    Good cock

  16. Anonymous on

    Penis wow groose bro

  17. Anonymous on

    Grab it messi hard penis sucks

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