More Larisa Riquelme pictures

A couple more Larisa Riquelme pictures from the other day.
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Salomon Kalou on vacation in Miami

Salomon Kalou enjoys a holiday at the beach in Miami with a football after a tough World Cup.

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Kalou played all three group matches for the Ivory Coast, and managed to score a goal vs North Korea, but his team was eliminated in the group stages after managing to get only 4 points.

Wayne Rooney on holiday with son Kai

Wayne Rooney might be overrated as a striker, but he looks to be quite the father as he takes his son Kai on a holiday to the island of Barbados. Fun and sun for the family as they look to forget a disasterous World Cup.

Larissa Riqulme Stripper?

Larissa Riquelme, the overnight sensation out of Paraguay, dancing around a stripper pole. On video.

Larisa Riquelme Paraguay vs Japan

Paraguay beat Japan 5-3 in penalty kicks after a boring match, which means we get more Larisa Riquelme!

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Larisa Riquelme will be cheering on Paraguay today

The best thing about the Paraguay vs Japan match today?

That we’ll get to see more Larisa Riquelme pictures soon enough 😛

Group F done. Spain and Chile advance.

An amazing end to what ended up being the Group of Death in the 2010 World Cup, with Switzerland failing to qualify after leading the group for the first two games.

Spain beat Chile in a game that wasn’t as offensive as people would have expected. Despite the loss, Chile advance after a poor effort by the Swiss who should have beat the Hondurans who manage to get a point out of their World Cup experience.

Final standings:

Group E done. Brazil and Portugal advance.

Brazil and Portugal drew 0-0 in an extremely boring game that isn’t worth talking about really.

The Ivory Coast improved their image with a win over North Korea, but it amounted to little since the team didn’t come through in the games that mattered most. They leave South Africa with 4 points, but with disappointment.
Final standings:

Andres Cantor on Landon Donovan’s goal

The play by play as USA scores on Algeria, by Andres Cantor.

Round of 16 Matchups

Most of the Round of 16 matchups are now set, only two more remain and they will be decided tomorrow.

26 June: Uruguay vs South Korea
26 June: USA vs Ghana
27 June: Germany vs England
27 June: Argentina vs Mexico
28 June: Holland vs Slovakia
28 June: Brazil vs ….
29 June: Paraguay vs Japan
29 June: … vs Portugal