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Spain destroys Germany

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Spain join the Netherlands in the 2010 World Cup Final after completely destroying a lost German side.

From the start of the game, the Spanish side took control of the ball and provided almost all the action while Germany could only defend and play the long ball. It looked nothing like the German side that faced Argentina and England. Puyol scored on a set piece, in what seemed like the least likely way the Spaniards were going to score.


Argentina blitzkreiged by Germans

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Tears in Buenos Aires, parties all over Germany after the 4-0 beatdown. Argentina dominated possession but a poor tactical approach by Diego Maradona meant that the Germans were always comfortable on the pitch and they left no doubt about which was the better team

Guess we won’t see Maradona run naked down the streets!

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Round of 16 Matchups

Most of the Round of 16 matchups are now set, only two more remain and they will be decided tomorrow.

26 June: Uruguay vs South Korea
26 June: USA vs Ghana
27 June: Germany vs England
27 June: Argentina vs Mexico
28 June: Holland vs Slovakia
28 June: Brazil vs ….
29 June: Paraguay vs Japan
29 June: … vs Portugal

Group D done. Germany and Ghana advance.

Partly because I was exhausted from watching the first set of games, and partly because I had a large meal I dozed at times during the Group D matches but must be forgiven since they were quite a bore for the most part.

The final minutes were the only minutes worth watching as the 0-0 deadlocks were broken. Germany only managed to score one, but it was a beautiful shot from the German-Turkish midfielder that gave them the ticket to the next round. Australia looked more determined than ever and managed to beat a poor Serbian side but didn’t score enough goals to go through. Therefore Ghana, who have only netted via penalty kicks, advance with Germany to the next round.

Ghana face Group B champs USA, while Germany are set for a huge showdown with archrivals England on Sunday. Must watch game!
Final Standings:

Mesut Özil tries to play the Vuvuzela

Mesut Özil trying to play the vuvuzela

Does not work as planned..

Another Hot girl at the World Cup

Yet another World Cup 2010 babe. beautiful!

Serbia shock Germans

Germany thought they were the team to beat after their 4-0 thrashing of Australia but that came to screeching halt today after a tough Serbia derailed them in a massive 0-1 upset.

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There were two keys of the match:

1- The red card for Miroslav Klose after a silly tackle from behind where he missed the ball. The Germans will claim the ref screwed them, but it was a good call and compliant with FIFA’s Fair Play rules.

2- The missed penalty by Podolski. Manchester United’s Vidic made an infantile handball in the area (much like in the Ghana match) and it gave Germany a lifetime. Podolski had the PK saved however.

Kudos to the German team for playing close to an hour with a man down and constantly pressing for the win, but their attacking duo failed them today. They will be watching tomorrow’s match between Ghana and Australia that will decide their temporary fate in the standings.

Ballack will watch Germany play from the beach

Ballack is on holiday in Miami where he’ll watch Germany play against Serbia. He’ll have to wake up early because the match begins at 7:30AM American eastern time.

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Group D. Germany 4 Australia 0

Not a fun day for the Aussies. Germany came, they saw, they conquered.

A much younger German team showed that what they lacked in age and experience they could make up for in quality. If that wasn’t enough, the Australians selfdestructed with Tim Cahill, one of their starts no less, getting himself sent off with a straight red. It might have been a debatable red, but the game was not. Even with 11 men for 90 minutes the Australians wouldn’t be able to produce a result against this German team. Very impressive display with goals by Lukas Podolski, Klose, Müller and Caucau (a brazilian, two pollacks and a german for those counting at home). Ghana and Germany will almost definitely go through from this group and its only a matter of who secures first place and who gets second.

The Star

Philipp Lahm. D, Germany.
So many to choose from from the German side but Lahm was phenomenal with assists, forward runs and defense. The new German captain produced and led by example.

The Ugly Duckling.

Lucas Neill. D, Australia.
The polar opposite of Lahm, Neill got abused on defense, often out of place, committing dirty fouls and who can only be proud of a goal line clearance that saved what was going to be yet another German goal. He won’t be happy with neither his team’s performance nor his own.

Australia getting blitzkrieged by dee Germans

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Tim Cahill with a straight red card for a sloppy two footed tackle from behind.

Germany’s 2-0 lead is going to be padded soon. They’re bound to run up the score.