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Luis Suarez saves Uruguay with a handball

The best play of the game was a forward using a handball on the line to deny a goal, and getting expelled for it. Amazing.

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It was very amazing, and very bizarre. The penalty kick, which should be automatic for a striker like Asamoah Gyan (who had already made 2 at that point).

But he missed. It hit the crossbar when the goal would have mattered the most. It would have put Ghana in its first semifinal ever. Heck, it would have but ANY African nation in its first semifinal ever. In a World Cup being played in Africa no less. But he missed. And you don’t deserve to win when you don’t take advantage of an easy opportunity.

Ghana lost in penalty kicks. Luis Suarez is a hero for Uruguay. Diego Forlan’s great game will be lost in all the chaos. And now, Uruguay must get ready to face the Netherlands without Luis Suarez, without Fucile (who put in a magnificent performance) and without their captain Diego Lugano that injured his knee.


Brazil vs Holland; Uruguay vs Ghana

The World Cup quarterfinals start today.

A Brazil side with doubts in their midfield lineup face Holland who will be guided by the magic of Robben. The late game features Uruguay against Ghana.

May the best teams win.

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Round of 16 Matchups

Most of the Round of 16 matchups are now set, only two more remain and they will be decided tomorrow.

26 June: Uruguay vs South Korea
26 June: USA vs Ghana
27 June: Germany vs England
27 June: Argentina vs Mexico
28 June: Holland vs Slovakia
28 June: Brazil vs ….
29 June: Paraguay vs Japan
29 June: … vs Portugal

Group D done. Germany and Ghana advance.

Partly because I was exhausted from watching the first set of games, and partly because I had a large meal I dozed at times during the Group D matches but must be forgiven since they were quite a bore for the most part.

The final minutes were the only minutes worth watching as the 0-0 deadlocks were broken. Germany only managed to score one, but it was a beautiful shot from the German-Turkish midfielder that gave them the ticket to the next round. Australia looked more determined than ever and managed to beat a poor Serbian side but didn’t score enough goals to go through. Therefore Ghana, who have only netted via penalty kicks, advance with Germany to the next round.

Ghana face Group B champs USA, while Germany are set for a huge showdown with archrivals England on Sunday. Must watch game!
Final Standings:

Brave Socceroos draw vs Ghana

A surprisingly strong Australia side drew 1-1 against the favorited Ghana. Even playing a man down and after giving up a penalty kick, the Australians did not quit and almost won the match.

Australia scored on a goal by Brett Holman while Ghana tied with Gyan nailing in a penalty kick.

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Group D. Serbia 0 Ghana 1

Serbia’s strength ended up being their weakness. They have some of the best defenders in the world, with Ivanovic, Vidic and Kolarov. The other one is Lukovic and we has the weak link today, getting sent off in the 2nd half. You’d think Ghana would go on the attack, but they became undisciplined and let Serbia mount several great forward runs but none of which would end up as scores. Good keeping by Kingson for Ghana and poor aim by the Serbs left them scoreless.

On the other end the pressure of the Africans resulted in a careless penalty against Serbia for a clear handball and it was easily tucked in by Ghana’s #3, Asamoah Gyan. Probably the only striker to wear a leftback’s number.

0-1 Gyan

The Star

Branislav Ivanovic. D, Serbia.
Great game by Ivanovic, playing solid defense, supporting the moves forward and even came close to scoring when his team were down a man.

The Ugly Duckling

Zdravko Kuzmanović. M, Serbia.
The Stuttgart midfielder didn’t have a bad game, but gave up an infantile penalty kick with only minutes remaining in a tied match. He fisted the ball in the area and ended up costing his team huge points.