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Brazil falls way short again

For the second World Cup in a row Brazil fails to reach the semi finals of the tournament with Dunga’s team being booted by a resilient Dutch side.

Brazil, the favorites to win the tournament almost every year, outplayed the Netherlands in the first half and took a 1-0 lead into the dressing room thanks to a brilliant one touch strike by Robinho. They deserved to be winning with great play, specially by Kaka and the entire defense.

The second half was a complete turnaround for Holland where they dominated the Brazilians and consistently turned to Robben on the right hand side to mount their attacks. Robben was handcuffed however, with two Brazilians always marking his left foot. Robben didn’t manage to get a single whiff on goal as he constantly had his shots blocked the guys marking his cuts towards the center. Still the Dutch did not quit and saw their efforts rewarded with a fluke goal by Sneijder on a cross (it was officially awarded to Felipe Melo as an own goal).

Kuyt got more involved after the first goal, when Brazil was forced to open up and the Liverpool man saw more touches and between him and Sneijder the Dutch attack seemed a lot more menacing. The second Dutch goal came off a set piece, a rarity against a Brazilian defense. Kuyt flicked it on to Sneijder who headed in it.

Brazil ended up playing with 10 men after a bonehead tackle by Felipe Melo and the rest is history.
Dunga, Felipe Melo and Julio Cesar must be disappointed.
Heitinga’s mistake will be forgotten for now but the Dutch advance with several ineligible players.


Group E. Netherlands 2 Denmark 0

Clockwork orange was sort of offsync today with a less than impressive performance against the mighty Danes. The first half was unbearable, with sloppy passing, off target shots and nothing really memorable out of it. Very similar to most of the 1st halfs in the tournament this year where nerves and butterflies seem to get the most out of the players.

The second half started with a goal by Denmark, but unfortunately in their own net. It was a cross that Poulsen headed to his keeper but it bounced in off the back of Aggar, who had no clue on what was going on until the Dutch celebrated.

Own goal for Denmark makes it 1-0

The goal gave the Oranje the confidence to move forward and the match quality improved. An awful Van Persie was subbed out and with the changes Holland moved better into channels. A shot by Elias found the post and Kuyt came in to put the second goal in and that was the nail in the coffin for the Danish who might have deserved better.

Kuyt's goal against Denmark

The Star

Eljero Elia. F, Netherlands.
The young winger came in as a sub and just exploded all over the Danish flanks. Almost unstoppable and created the second goal for Kuyt.

The Ugly Duckling

Robin Van Persie. F, Netherlands.
Horrible game by the Arsenal star. Awful performance up front that should put into question his inclusion in the starting 11 going forward.

Holland vs Denmark at halftime

Nederlands and Denmark with a 0-0 tie going into halftime with dutch dominance but best chances going to the Danes.
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