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Spain destroys Germany

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Spain join the Netherlands in the 2010 World Cup Final after completely destroying a lost German side.

From the start of the game, the Spanish side took control of the ball and provided almost all the action while Germany could only defend and play the long ball. It looked nothing like the German side that faced Argentina and England. Puyol scored on a set piece, in what seemed like the least likely way the Spaniards were going to score.


Spain in semifinals after win

Spain reached the semifinals for only the second time in history after another brilliant goal by former Valencia striker David Villa.

Paraguay as expected, played a an extremely defensive game that relied on counterattacking and Spain didn’t break the deadlock in the scoreboard until the 83rd minute with brilliant play by Iniesta, Pedro and Villa.

Villa is now the tournament’s top scorer, with 5 goals in as many games.

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Group F done. Spain and Chile advance.

An amazing end to what ended up being the Group of Death in the 2010 World Cup, with Switzerland failing to qualify after leading the group for the first two games.

Spain beat Chile in a game that wasn’t as offensive as people would have expected. Despite the loss, Chile advance after a poor effort by the Swiss who should have beat the Hondurans who manage to get a point out of their World Cup experience.

Final standings:

Torres goes missing, Villa nets two

In what looked to be a 7-0 game in the mold of Portugal vs North Korea, Spain disappointed by only netting two in the back of the net. Both came off the foot of David Villa who unexplicably also missed a penalty kick.

The biggest mystery was not why Spain didn’t score half a dozen, but where the hell Fernando Torres went. He was largely non-existent in a day where Jesus Navas and Sergio Ramos saw the majority of touches. And when Torres was justifiably subbed off, it was for Mata and not Llorente. Strange decision. Now they’ll have to beat Chile if they don’t want to have to mind the scoreboard.

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El Gafe es la puta Carbonero

¿Sabeis porque Iker no para ni un puto balon ultimamente?

Pues porque se esta follando a la Carbonero que tiene que ser el gafe en todo esto. Tres tiros a puerta de los suizos, uno gol y el otro al palo. Iker seguro que pensando en el polvo que va a hechar luego y na de futbol.

Sara Carbonero

Mucha aficion q tiene la reporterita

Mas fotos aqui:

Puyol mistake gives Switzerland a goal

Spain dominated possesion and pretty much every statistic except balls in the back in the net. A freak counterattack by the Swiss ended with Fernandes scoring after Puyol screws up and Iker doesn’t clean up his mess.

Puyol screws it up

Capdevilla should have been close, but c’mon Puyol, you’re supposed to be a world class defender. He’s out of position, goes for the tackle and misses. Pique muffs it up and then Iker comes out (late) and doesnt clear. The ball bounces around and Fernandes sticks it in.

The Swiss defense did not have holes like their cheese and they end up taking a huge step towards moving into the next round.