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Holland overpower Uruguay

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Holland will be in the 2010 FIFA World Cup finals!

A 3-2 win over Uruguay assures the Netherlands of a place in the finals of the World Cup thanks to goals by Giovanni Van Bronckhorst, Wesley Sneijder and Arje Robben.

Uruguay might have just won this game if they had a couple of their suspended players, but it was too much to ask of Forlan and company to hold back the Dutch offense.


Luis Suarez saves Uruguay with a handball

The best play of the game was a forward using a handball on the line to deny a goal, and getting expelled for it. Amazing.

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It was very amazing, and very bizarre. The penalty kick, which should be automatic for a striker like Asamoah Gyan (who had already made 2 at that point).

But he missed. It hit the crossbar when the goal would have mattered the most. It would have put Ghana in its first semifinal ever. Heck, it would have but ANY African nation in its first semifinal ever. In a World Cup being played in Africa no less. But he missed. And you don’t deserve to win when you don’t take advantage of an easy opportunity.

Ghana lost in penalty kicks. Luis Suarez is a hero for Uruguay. Diego Forlan’s great game will be lost in all the chaos. And now, Uruguay must get ready to face the Netherlands without Luis Suarez, without Fucile (who put in a magnificent performance) and without their captain Diego Lugano that injured his knee.

Brazil vs Holland; Uruguay vs Ghana

The World Cup quarterfinals start today.

A Brazil side with doubts in their midfield lineup face Holland who will be guided by the magic of Robben. The late game features Uruguay against Ghana.

May the best teams win.

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Round of 16 Matchups

Most of the Round of 16 matchups are now set, only two more remain and they will be decided tomorrow.

26 June: Uruguay vs South Korea
26 June: USA vs Ghana
27 June: Germany vs England
27 June: Argentina vs Mexico
28 June: Holland vs Slovakia
28 June: Brazil vs ….
29 June: Paraguay vs Japan
29 June: … vs Portugal

Group A done. Uruguay and Mexico advance.

Uruguay beat Mexico in a lackluster matchup where both teams were looking to avoid bookings and injuries more than scoring goals. Suarez got Uruguay the win with a header but the most impressive match moment was Mexico’s Andres Guardado with a huge shot from distance that rattled off the cross bar.

In the game between the chaotic French team and the hosts it was a tale of two halves with South Africa dominating the first and the French subs taking charge of the second half to score their only goal in the World Cup.

Final standings:

Forlan closes the door for South Africa

A brilliant Diego Forlan saw his team go up 0-3 against the tournament hosts and leave South Africa with little hope of advancing out of group play.

People can talk about the penalty call or the red card, but none of it matters. Uruguay were the rightful winners of the match. South Africa never played to score and therefore the result is fair.

Forland netted in the first off the back of a defender, then the second in a PK. The third game with seconds left to spare in extra time.

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Group A. Uruguay 0 – France 0

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A total bore.

I have no idea what France were trying because they didn’t look up for it until the very end. Anelka was hopeless by himself up front and Uruguay had Ribery on complete lockdown. When he did get into space, his crosses were always off the mark. The sole chance came to Govou who misjudged the ball and let a golden opportunity slip away. Not a good thing to do against a defensive side like Uruguay. The French player that made the biggest difference was either Diaby or Gourcuff, who pressed the issue with some well placed shots but always stopped by great keeping from Muslera.

Uruguay looked to strike on the counterattack, similar to SA’s gameplan vs Mexico, but Forland’s heavy workload did not translate into quality finishing and Luis Suarez was largely inexistant in the day.

The Star

Diego Godin. D, Uruguay.
The captain kept his defense in order and always solid helping his goalkeeper maintain a clean sheet.

The Ugly Duckling

Nicolas Lodeiro. M, Uruguay.
Lots of candidate for this award, but the obvious choice will have to be Lodeiro who came in as a substitute and lasted all of 20 minutes or so before picking up two yellow cards and thus a red, leaving his country a man down in the final minutes.

Uruguay vs France 1st Half

Hard fought first half. Some comments:

-Too many empty seats for a match of this caliber.
-Anelka coming way too deep to get balls.
-Anelka having to run wide on the attack with no interior support.
-Great half by Gourcuff, Forlan and Diaby.
-Uruguay’s defense is tough as nails, they look very Italian.
-Even so, France would be up at the half if they had a Zidane playing CAM.
-Vuvuzela’s are not getting any less annoying. ugh…