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Messi shirtless at the beach

Leo Messi goes shirtless at the beach in Rio de Janeiro after a disappointing World Cup for the Argentina superstar. At least his Italian girlfriend is pretty hot.
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Argentina blitzkreiged by Germans

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Tears in Buenos Aires, parties all over Germany after the 4-0 beatdown. Argentina dominated possession but a poor tactical approach by Diego Maradona meant that the Germans were always comfortable on the pitch and they left no doubt about which was the better team

Guess we won’t see Maradona run naked down the streets!

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Luis Suarez saves Uruguay with a handball

The best play of the game was a forward using a handball on the line to deny a goal, and getting expelled for it. Amazing.

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It was very amazing, and very bizarre. The penalty kick, which should be automatic for a striker like Asamoah Gyan (who had already made 2 at that point).

But he missed. It hit the crossbar when the goal would have mattered the most. It would have put Ghana in its first semifinal ever. Heck, it would have but ANY African nation in its first semifinal ever. In a World Cup being played in Africa no less. But he missed. And you don’t deserve to win when you don’t take advantage of an easy opportunity.

Ghana lost in penalty kicks. Luis Suarez is a hero for Uruguay. Diego Forlan’s great game will be lost in all the chaos. And now, Uruguay must get ready to face the Netherlands without Luis Suarez, without Fucile (who put in a magnificent performance) and without their captain Diego Lugano that injured his knee.

Brazil falls way short again

For the second World Cup in a row Brazil fails to reach the semi finals of the tournament with Dunga’s team being booted by a resilient Dutch side.

Brazil, the favorites to win the tournament almost every year, outplayed the Netherlands in the first half and took a 1-0 lead into the dressing room thanks to a brilliant one touch strike by Robinho. They deserved to be winning with great play, specially by Kaka and the entire defense.

The second half was a complete turnaround for Holland where they dominated the Brazilians and consistently turned to Robben on the right hand side to mount their attacks. Robben was handcuffed however, with two Brazilians always marking his left foot. Robben didn’t manage to get a single whiff on goal as he constantly had his shots blocked the guys marking his cuts towards the center. Still the Dutch did not quit and saw their efforts rewarded with a fluke goal by Sneijder on a cross (it was officially awarded to Felipe Melo as an own goal).

Kuyt got more involved after the first goal, when Brazil was forced to open up and the Liverpool man saw more touches and between him and Sneijder the Dutch attack seemed a lot more menacing. The second Dutch goal came off a set piece, a rarity against a Brazilian defense. Kuyt flicked it on to Sneijder who headed in it.

Brazil ended up playing with 10 men after a bonehead tackle by Felipe Melo and the rest is history.
Dunga, Felipe Melo and Julio Cesar must be disappointed.
Heitinga’s mistake will be forgotten for now but the Dutch advance with several ineligible players.

Brazil vs Holland; Uruguay vs Ghana

The World Cup quarterfinals start today.

A Brazil side with doubts in their midfield lineup face Holland who will be guided by the magic of Robben. The late game features Uruguay against Ghana.

May the best teams win.

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Group F done. Spain and Chile advance.

An amazing end to what ended up being the Group of Death in the 2010 World Cup, with Switzerland failing to qualify after leading the group for the first two games.

Spain beat Chile in a game that wasn’t as offensive as people would have expected. Despite the loss, Chile advance after a poor effort by the Swiss who should have beat the Hondurans who manage to get a point out of their World Cup experience.

Final standings:

Group E done. Brazil and Portugal advance.

Brazil and Portugal drew 0-0 in an extremely boring game that isn’t worth talking about really.

The Ivory Coast improved their image with a win over North Korea, but it amounted to little since the team didn’t come through in the games that mattered most. They leave South Africa with 4 points, but with disappointment.
Final standings:

Round of 16 Matchups

Most of the Round of 16 matchups are now set, only two more remain and they will be decided tomorrow.

26 June: Uruguay vs South Korea
26 June: USA vs Ghana
27 June: Germany vs England
27 June: Argentina vs Mexico
28 June: Holland vs Slovakia
28 June: Brazil vs ….
29 June: Paraguay vs Japan
29 June: … vs Portugal

Daniel Agger crying

Liverpool’s Daniel Agger cries on the bench after losing to Japan 3-1 and being eliminated from the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

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Italian fans disappointed

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